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January 06, 2011


I hope the year 2011 will be a time of recovery and peace for you. You deserve a break!

You sound happy with your decision, and I'm glad you're taking time to rest and recover.

New commenter here - but I very much enjoy the writing and just wanted to say that this sounds like a GREAT idea to me. In fact, I did it - a year and a half ago I quit my job to be a full time momma, and this too came after some challenges and tough times (our second child, our son, passed away at one week old in Feb 09). At first I felt like I was "quitting" something, walking away from something, giving up....but then I realized that it was actually making a choice - a really strong and positive choice for me, and for my family. Despite the fact that I was the main breadwinner at the time, we have never looked back. And we are more than fine - we are more joyful than we ever were.

I know I'm at a different stage in the game than most people writing here (my kids are 4 and six months), but I think that making a choice for your health and for your family is a really great and positive thing to do - and empowering. Congratulations on making it and I hope that you too get to find some SERIOUS joy in the coming months.

Best wishes!

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