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December 22, 2010


Is it illegal to drink, though? Over here in Britain, it's illegal to buy alcohol until you're 18, but there isn't a legal minimum age to drink at home, as such. It used to be legal to drink wine or beer in a restaurant with a meal from the age of 14 (you'd have to be with adults, obviously, because the 14-year-old couldn't buy it) and I've never heard that's changed, though I haven't checked.

In The US, if you're under 21 you're not allowed to purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages...with the exception, in some states, that a parent may allow a minor child to drink in the parent's home under the parent's supervision. So if I open a bottle of wine at dinner I can share it with my daughters, but I cannot do so in a restaurant. Law vs. reality -- colege kids are able to obtain liquor even if they're under 21, which is why most colleges have very strict rules about drinking on campus -- everyone in the room must be over 21 if alcoholic beverages are being served. Jen lives off campus, though, so if her housemates can legally buy beer, there will be beer in her house.

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