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July 19, 2010


"...causing teen suicides since 2009"?!!! This is terrible. To imagine that a social networking site uses this subtitle, encouraging this kind of nasty.... don't even get me started.

Hugs to you and Roo.

been there and done that. it's horrible. hope the Roo girl gets through this one soon.

Teenage girls can be damn horrible. You tell Roo Girl to chin up, cause the rest of the internet thinks she's freaking awesome.

It is such a shame. Where are the parents of this mean girl?

When I was a sophomore, I was the target of a bully in my class, and unfortunately didn't have ANY female friends in my grade. I survived it, not sure how sometimes, cuz really, it SUCKED, but Roo will survive this, too. (Not that she probably wants to hear that, I'm sure.) K is right, Roo IS freaking awesome.

And I wholly believe that Karma will get even with her bully. What she writes today will bite her tomorrow.

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