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May 15, 2010


Wow. I feel so unbelievably lucky that we are in the district we are. I just had a move-up 504 meeting for my 8th grade son to get ready for entering the high school next year and it was fabulous. His middle school has been amazing in their ability to get him back on track and successful at school and that's been the standard throughout his school career.

There is no excuse for schools to avoid educating kids. Thank goodness there are people like you out there helping families fight for what is their legal right. If only the fight wasn't necessary.

Glad to see you back, margalit. My significant other is a special ed teacher... And the changes he hes seen in recent years have been incredible.

I, too, thank you for your role in helping kids and parents who need help in these awful situations. We have had to fight hard over the years for my grandchild, and are fortunate to have parents who can navigate the maze. That said, it takes hours and hours to get the IEP completed, sometimes by threatening official complaints to the state. Keep up the good work.

Keep fighting the good fights. We kept fighting, even though my boy was in his senior year. Any good we do could help change the system for the better, and that will help more kids than just mine.

I see some obvious and glaring violations of FAPE as I know and have used the law.

If the child is making "choices" (in the schools mind) that are unwise, and if said "choices" are happening repeatedly and impairing the current IEP,---said "choices" MUST be addressed by the IEP.

How would I find and advocate in my area. I think I could use one as I see my son getting less and less as the older he gets.

Thank God for you fighting this good fight. I have been fighting in the Silicon Valley for years, but feel I am making at least a little progress (though probably too late for my son to reap the benefits. It is amazing how unkind and ignorant schools can be. Why not help every child to be successful in learning?

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