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April 05, 2010


Nice! I find myself apologising for things I did as a kid. "Sorry I'd only eat toast when the butter was completely melted." "Sorry I'd only eat cereal with that one spoon." I'm sure it's fabulous to get feedback like that.

I love raising kids that are "smarter" than me. In all things. Just ask them. :)

That? is too funny! Everyone knows that if there is ANY discrepancies in the raising of the warbles, the youngest always gets it the easiest.
The "baby of the family", as it were.

I admire your parenting style. I will remember the "complete plan" and use that, as well.

Ah, the wisdom of age - aging children, that is.

Even if she reads this one, she still won't see it. It's the thing about adolescents - and adolescence. Kids learn - teens go through this whole RESET thing, and then adults learn. It's the same thing with familial relationships. Kids love, teens try to bury the love in favor of independence, and then adult children love, again. You just gotta hope she doesn't bury the love too deep.

I've got to remember "the complete plan!"

Which just goes to prove that I'm justified in looking up to you as a role model mom.

That? Is a TOTAL win! Nicely done!

I wonder what my girls remember about the things I said. (like: So, if all your friends jumped off a cliff, you'd have to do it too?)

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