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April 07, 2010


I'm so sorry. But it's certainly better that the kids "learn" how to deal with mourning when it's not an immediate family member. Rosie was 4 and Abe was 7 when my grandmother died. I remember telling them that the grown-ups were all very sad and so they had to be very good (they were!) Then 2 years ago, THEIR own grandmother died unexpectedly and last year their dad, so my kids have had to learn how to deal with mourning. We are now out of the Kaddish period for Jim and will have his yahrzeit in about 2 weeks. The unveiling will be in another 2 months- I'm looking forward to that (not).

Oh, Ora...your kids have had to deal with a lot, haven't they? I am so sorry. My girls handled today's events well. Tearful, of course, and Jen has had a stomach ache all day. It was sad, but the Rabbi focused on "life"...and he read the Linda Ellis poem, "The Dash".It's how we live that matters...

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