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March 08, 2010


boundaries with a teen ---yes, I can relate. I'm going through it right now with Rebecca. she had a hissy fit because she saw me looking at photos on her Facebook page -- photos she shared with the entire world, but not with me. Innocuous photos of her with her friends at the high school senior banquet. but I had "invaded her privacy". I suppose it's part of the "growing up and deparating from mom" stuff ....

Aww heck. I love you too Roo!

Boundries and teenagers. Dang hard road to walk.

It's such a delicate line to walk. I wasn't blogging when my daughter was in that rebellious stage. I do know I got my share of I hate you's and bedroom doors slammed.

It took my daughter becoming an adult to come out and finally say, "I get it now. I get that you loved me no matter how hurtful or spiteful I was and it wasn't just because you had to."

I hope Roo gets it a lot sooner. If not, just know we've all been there and it does break your heart. In the end what else are you going to do. You will still love them regardless. (Hugs)Indigo

Good luck to both of you. Raising a teen is a tough road, with or without blogging.

It's totally true - I could write lovenotes to Roo too. xoxoxo

You are awesome. And I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!!!! Well, no, I'd probably cringe but I'll yell at them a lot.

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