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February 24, 2010


My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed living off, but near campus. The apartment is classic college (I posted pix a while back), but it's perfect. I hope your daughter has the same good luck!

Over here I would guess about half of first years live in halls. Hardly anyone after first year does.

LOL, daisy, I saw those photos -- they looked so similar to my daughter's dorm room!

Paige, around here it's different depending on where you go to school. Jen's school is a large public university and started out as an agricultural college. there simply aren't enough dorms on campus to house the student population, and housing in the area is relatively inexpensive. Some of the schools Becca is considering are urban campuses. George Washington University in Washington, DC, for example, guarantees housing for all undergraduates -- because you really can't find student housing in Washington. It's one aspect of student life to consider when your child applies to colleges.

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