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February 01, 2010


ah, the joys of a steamy bathroom and an icy shower....

I would be furious! I can't stand taking a cold shower.

Obviously, it's time for some parental subterfuge that will delay her long enough for you to get in the shower first. Besides, at her age, perhaps a cold shower might not do any harm.

Paul and I used to turn on the kitchen faucet when Skye was in the shower. Otherwise she would be in there for over a half hour and counting. I don't think I had a truly hot shower until she moved out. (Hugs)Indigo

Oh, yes. I remember this from living in a house as a teenager; my poor mom.

Funny, I haven't changed my ways but we *are* living in a condo with what seems like endless water supply. Though I often wonder if I'm going to use up the entire building's supply some Sunday when I take the world's longest shower. They are the best!

OOOOH! THE INJUSTICE OF IT ALL! And do they ever once stop to consider you GAVE THEM LIFE?! Hell, NO!
There is no good reason for it!
Now you've done it... I'm all cranky for you! ;-)

Hugs -- ooh, you're covered with goosebumps! Aargh!

You are correct. No more words required. AWFUL.

At least your hair was shiny from that cold rinse.

I guess I'd want to grab her and invite her in for a second shower.

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