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January 16, 2010


first time here.
liked the phone post!

I don't have that problem, my kids' friends NEVER use the landline anymore. The only way I know who they're talking to is by looking at the cell phone bill! but those middle-of-the-night calls! My daughters complain occasionally about someone calling in the wee hours ... but when I say "turn off your cell when you go to sleep" it's like I'm speaking a foreign language.

I think I'd be picking the phone up and yelling "Who Died?????" very loudly. (why else would someone call at that hour?)

If it bugs you so much, (and I can certainly see why it would! How inconsiderate of them! Really!) have you thought about just turning it off at night? Have you got a cell phone so people could reach you in a real emergency if needed so you could turn off your landline for the night? I bet doing that for a couple of weeks to a month would retrain them that nobody answers at your house from 11pm or 6am or whatever.

Or, you could always answer it yourself at night, tell the caller than unless they're the hospital or a relative, that your house doesn't take calls between 11pm and 6am (or whatever), and if they're not, hang up. Repeat as necessary & if you're consistent, even the dumb ones will catch on eventually. Your kids will whine, the callers will whine, but hey, who's the boss at your house?

Gah!!! If he's so dumb, she really could do better. He needs a direct statement: "Do not call me at night! Ever! Until I tell you otherwise!"

My phone is always on silent mode.

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