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January 11, 2010


In the enlightened state of Massachusetts, Rosie can't apply for her permit until she actually turns 16 (in about 7 weeks) and she wants that slip of paper as soon as possible after that date. However, we are moving right around then, so we'll see. Meanwhile Rosie has also started drivers' ed but is less than a 1/3 done with the classes that she needs in order to start driving with the school.

I'm not looking forward to the day my boys can get behind the wheel of that deadly weapon! It will be here all too soon!

I'm glad the inevitable has been slightly postponed!

So now it's your turn to be looking for that invisible brake, isn't it?

Jen was so anxious to get her license and permit that we actually went to the DMV on her 16th birthday. Becca waited a couple of months....

Both are driving now....

Benjy has been wanting his permit ever since he turned 15 in October (you can do that in Illinois), he has to take Driver's Ed to get it, which costs about $400. Even if he were in the public school, it would still cost $400. It's a racket, I tell ya!

I'm actually hoping he gets his license on his birthday though. I could use another driver. ;)

I have been trying to leave a witty or possibly even droll remark - but the though of Roo DRIVING just leaves me speechless.

Worried. And don't want to say so.

She's BLOND, for cryin' out loud.

Do cars in California have those Bumper Car bumpers?

I got my licence at 19 after failing my first road test at 16 and 11 years later my Mom is still horrified to drive with me!

Love the photo - that's the one you told me about last night, yes? Beautiful!

I have a feeling the next 9 and a half years are going to go by a lot faster than I like.

It's a mixed blessing, isn't it? Hubs and I actually missed getting to see all the other parents when we stopped carting kids around town.

Just don't get out of the car and kiss the ground when she's done with the first trip with you.

I sulked for a week.

He didn't do it to my sister-and nearly 30 years later, I have a MUCH better driving record!

Oh, Janet you are evil! I love you for it, too. Would you believe I got the second child to wait until she was 18 to get hers? I has secrets that people would pay huge bucks to know. I can manipulate the teenage girl to at least SOME degree. ;-)

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