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January 25, 2010


I know just how you feel.

you're making me teary eyed. stop it.

this is me bawling.

My daughter gets her license April 1st and will be driving herself to school. She is my baby. I am very sad.

Of course, this dastardly vision of the future DOES depend on her getting her act together, right?

Which normally happens after incessant prompting from "The Mom", right?

So don't prompt.

It's wonderful you recognize just how precious those twenty minute drives are. There's no doubt in my mind, your daughter recognizes it too! How quickly they grow up.

Oh my gosh, how do we even stand being parents? Totally teared up, and mine's only 3!

Awwww. I feel for you, sweetie! It won't be as hard as you think! Just take one day at a time and, plus, you will still have times spent together that will mean even more to you and her too!
You have a great relationship and that's not going to change!

Now where is that darn pause button?

Sniff. Sniff. Lump in throat...now where's that coffee?

I'm thinking that Roo may have the same feelings, otherwise she might have just started getting a ride from home by now.

Love this post, by the way, even if it did make me slightly sad (I've got five more younger than Roo, after all.) :-)

death by a thousand cuts. Those apron strings. Survived it three times, I did.

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