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January 18, 2010


The time to cry over the spilled milk is when it spoils and then smells. Whew Ick

I hope you found a good cleaner for it. Just curious, but were you both in the house when she called you? I would laugh, but we do the same thing. :)


Lou, she can't even claim blond right now!

Is it bad that the first thing I thought was "I hope they've got some sort of mattress protector on her bed"? that stuff can smell!

She may still be spilling milk, but she's still calling mom to clean it up! Which, in a bizarre sort of way seems pretty wonderful to me!

Now what cracks me up is the fact that she rang you!

The truly hilarious part to me is when they CALL... on the PHONE. They are just UPSTAIRS from me, for heaven's sake!
Too funny!

Suzanne, once a blond always a blond.

"Mom! Bring me a towel! Quickly! I spilled milk on the mattress! On the sleep number, this is an emergency level 10!"

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