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January 12, 2010


It looks great, especially that first picture! It's FANTASTIC! Wishing you luck with a generous offer and a fairly quick sale (don't want to have to be out before March!).

My parents decided to move when I was 13. The house was on the market for 6 months or so, and we had to keep it CLEAN for every viewing.

The one Saturday we didn't have time to clean everything up (there was almost no notice), the family ended up buying the house.

Good luck! I know it's tough to keep it maintained in the uber-clean condition.

Teenagers are well old enough to take responsibility for themselves. I know some who are carers for their parents and do all the housework and cooking after school - I didn't have high expectations from my children of keeping things tidy, but if there was a good reason for temporarily keeping things looking nice, I expected consideration and maturity from them.

Notice that things left out will be binned may work, but only if you do it. The first time, they can be bagged and retrievable, but after that they may be destroyed.

Your place looks incredible. Good luck with keeping it up till it sells. I predict that will be sooner than later.

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