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January 13, 2010


Abe only applied to 3 schools (although I wanted a 4th). I'm nervous about this because of the non-standard way that his transcript went out (no cumulative GPA) but otherwise sure that he'll get in somewhere. We only visited one of the schools and we have to wait for him to be admitted before going to the other 2. It's just one more anxiety on top of all my others.

Oh gosh! We get to go through that process next year. I can't wait. *sigh*

We're there too. HUGE SIGH. Funny thing yesterday though ...the guidance people sent an email to all the boys telling them to register with Selective Service if they want to be eligible for our state's HOPE scholarship which gives free tuition at GA state colleges for kids with B+ averages.
You betcha we're registering, though it feels creepy.

My older daughter Jen is in college, so this is my second time dealing with the process.  It's stressful, but it does get better.

I understand completely.  I would have been uncomfortable if my girls had to register....

Enjoy the visits! When my daughter made her choice, it was difficult. She even asked me "If I'm wrong, how soon can I transfer?" All turned out well; she's thriving on campus. Wishing you good luck in the process.

Time for you to take a deep breath too! Round two coming soon. Letters of Acceptance.

yeah, I know....

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