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November 23, 2009


By the way you are acting some would think you used to be a cheerleader, or that being a cheerleader was your dream as a young girl. Jeeze!

LOVE your little necklace!!

I know exactly what you mean, Janet, I was a cheer mom...and a dance mom...logged all those hours in the bleachers to watch my daughters. it takes over your life because it takes over your daughter's life. but nothing beats watching your daughter and her team succeed.

What a great shot, love the colours. That's a really nice necklace, is it a b-day gift?

Really? I spell mom moim. Hmmm, maybe THAT is what spellcheck is trying to tell me. I'm gearing up to be a re-distributed cheer mom since my current 7th grader plans on cheering next year. I can NOT wait! These two years of sitting out because Kelsie didn't want to cheer varsity have SUCKED!!!

Love the necklace.

And no one I know of does it better.

And such an awesome one at that!

I, myself, was a baseball mom. For thirteen years. Funny, but I don't miss it. :P


Fabulous. Did Roo get you this? Or are you still hinting for holiday gifts?

Yeaaaaaaa! Cheer Mom!!!

What the heck! I just looked back, as I do once in a random while, and there is no comment from me! This is unacceptable! I, for one, want to commend you on being a totally awesome Cheer Mom and nominate you for some sort of flashy, status symbol!
Consider this my vote! YOU are numba one!

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