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October 12, 2009


So has Roo spoken to Julie since and expressed her feelings about the whole situation? The boy should also be at fault for "assuming" that it was a date, in that kind of manner. Roo seemed perfectly comfortable helping out a friend, which unfortunately means she will be less so in the future, especially with Julie.

That takes me right back to a time when I did something similar for my BF (no limos in those days) I was deserted by the date but luckily I was always picked up early by my father so just had to endure a lonely evening. I didn't learn as I was always being the alibi for my friend.

Lemme at him!!! I'll murdalize 'im!! I'll smack that little twinkie right upside his pointed little head. And as for Julie??? Well ... just WELL, that's all.

I had a similar experience. My best friend went to a VERY small school who got to have prom cool places that wasn't the high school gym. She and a friend were 'dating' two guys who were both older (like college, and we were sophomores). Those guys had a friend and didn't want to leave him out. Therefore, I ended up with a sorta-kinda-maybe date to a prom that wasn't my own with a guy I'd never met. By the time prom rolled around? I was the only one left with a date. It was boring and I wasn't interested. After prom? He would. not. leave. me. alone. It got so bad that I blocked him on my instant messenger.

Like Roger said, I was never eager to repeat that no matter how desperate a friend may be.

We had the same policy with La Petite: if she needed a ride, she could call us. No matter what time, no matter where, we'd come and give her a ride. I hope she does the same when she has teens of her own (what a thought!)

Oh man. I'm in one of those moods thanks to the kids stomach flu. Send Julie and that boy my way. I'll let them spend some one on one time with my germ infested kids. Nothing says payback like puking.

Wow. That just stinks.

Back when I was Roo's age, the girls usually assumed "this is a date" more often than boys. Have times changed so much?

(don't answer that.)

Hope Roo's okay. You did your best, and it's good to know she can always count on you.


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