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October 06, 2009


I still hate sitting by myself. My kids sit with their respective friends in church, so I seek out others in need of company and sit with them. I hope all those sitting with spouses appreciate it.

My ex husband was never one for shul, we didn't even belong to one when we were married. I joined when my girls were in elementary school, and I always sat alone while they went to junior congregation. we don't have a teen service, and many of the teens prefer to hang out in the lobby than sit in the sanctuary with their parents. this year I was very disappointed, my 18 year old daughter hoem from college decided there was no need for her presence in the synagogue building at all...but, as you pointed out, here on Long island you don't have to wrok at being Jewish....

Even as a non practicing catholic I can appreciate the importance of having your children/spouse with you at shul. I hope they continue to go and find it as fulfilling as you obviously do.

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