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October 19, 2009


Janet, I sympathize. my baby is a high school seniro this year -- going off to college in september, just like her older sister did 2 years ago. hard to think the day-to-day parenting is coming to an end.

Until she meets Mr. Right and moves to Maine. :)

It seems to me that girls tend to come back home, or close to home, whereas the boys... See ya!! Enjoy the next couple of years, and good luck slowing them down, I swear Andy was just learning how to drive and now he's almost through a semester of college! Yikes.

Sometimes I lay awake at night dreading that day. And sometimes I look at my husband and think "soon it will just be him and me", and I think I need to run away from home. How'd we end up here? They were babies, only yesterday.

Wow - already! I'm only a year behind you ...... that's sad.

My youngest is a college freshman this year. But he's only about 25 miles away so it's relatively easy to see him once in a while. Of course, his ambition is to live in Japan, so I guess we gotta visit while the visiting is good.

My oldest is just starting preteen. I'm ready to say good-bye and he hasn't even started high school.

My fear for my youngest isn't that he'll leave -- I fear he won't. But that's a whole post in itself.

Wow, you ARE handling this well! Can you put conditions on the school, like it needs to be within an hour of a MAJOR airport? LOL

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