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October 26, 2009


Just not a fan of the whole teenaged angst crap, at all. My older boys don't have it, thankfully, when it comes to girls. They know that it's not a lifetime thing, so they don't get overly emotional about dances, etc. I already am bracing myself for Jessica as she is quite emotional already. Hopefully it won't be so bad... yeah right.

Lordy, I remember all of that and do not envy you for having to live through it again. I am almost there with LM, w2e already have a bit of "teen" anguish but I expect a bunch more. Again Roo is a very lovely young lady and she looks much too pretty to be going to just homecoming.

our school doesn't do a homecoming dance, but I am the veteran of several proms-gone-wrong....so I understand completely.

Why oh why do we train teenage girls to say things they don't mean? Or is it simply inherent in the creature that is a teenage girl? I will be finding this out soon enough.

Poor Roo. There's was no winning this one.


This sounds like the premise for a Judy Blume book. I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with Homecoming dances and Proms and stuff in Scotland. I'm also glad I'll have 3 boys. What a nightmare! (Recurring, too.)

I feel very happy for her, and feel very sad for the girl she did not hang out with.

Being a kid can be miserable.

Sigh. It was really a no-win for her. I feel for Jessie; what else could she say, really?

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