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October 05, 2009


How nice! Maybe this will lead to more dinners.

Damn, you're good!! I am going to have to remember that strategy for next time...

Bravo, you! And, Z-man for what I'm sure was a Fabulous meal!

Much love,


That's awesome!! I wish one of my kids would become a chef, but no. I have a budding nurse and a wanna-be architect.

Must you do a food post, on Monday, which I get to read JUST BEFORE LUNCH? But it souuunds heavenly.

Sneaky sneaky.

Sounds so yummy! I love that you finally got him to cook for you too!!

Good for you. It was a successful sneak attack and I have a new found respect for you. Oh, and congrats to Z-Man, it sounds like he rocks the kitchen.

I'm so there (in my taste buds and belly)

A man cooking pasta is a king.

Great! That sounds like fantastic spaghetti. So culinary.

Did he do Chicken with that, too?

Sounds delicious!

Fabulous. I hope he left you a copy of the recipe.

I had to wait for my daughter to get married before she cooked for me. And I have a scar on my wrist to prove she did. She forgot about a dish I brought to dinner to help out in the oven and had it set too high.

I play the guilt trip whenever I want another meal from her. As moms we learn a thing or two don't we?

The meal sounds delish. I don't care much for red tomato sauce either. (Hugs)Indigo

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