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October 29, 2009


There are online meeting scheduling sites such as http://www.meetomatic.com/calendar.php, where everyone can pick dates that work for them and the site will show you which dates work for everyone. Maybe you could use something like that.

Just joining in with an 'Aaaaaaaaargh' in frustrated support of you.

That sounds like a great tool! Amigo's team is large; we could use something like this.

I have to keep my sense of humor or I'd go postal. Humor really does help us survive.

Oh my. Daisy, I feel you pain and I bet I can put a name to the social worker! We just spent 5 days and way too much money checking out alternative schools for our boys in Vermont and NY. I refuse to believe that there are no better options than what we have here. How you have gotten through this district with Amigo in one piece and you sane enough to teach, blog, garden, and mother is testament to your tenacity and determination. I feel so desperate for my boys I could cry. They deserve a future. They are brilliant, but oh so very unique (weird by public school norms) that where they are now will just turn them into school hating underachievers.

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