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September 04, 2009


Mwah-ha. I hear you, oh, yes I do. If it's any consolation, I always found 13-14, to be the absolute worst years for girls. 15-16 is a steady improvement, and by 17, they're pretty delightful. (Here's hoping J-Bear isn't making a liar of me!)

Hang in there!

Bahahahahaha...that was funny. Of course with a 14 year old Daughter, I also totally relate.

Great post.

my older daughter will be 19 in November and my younger one turned 17 in July.

I can relate.

Thanks for the advanced warning! My daughters (12,10 and 7 by year's end) along with my wife will more than likely, cycle at the same time. I never took my older boys fishing - I think the younger two might get to experience it however.

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