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September 18, 2009


Wow, ok. I can totally relate to the helplessness of getting those calls from college, and not really being able to do anything about it.

But I must say how impressed I am with the responsiveness of both the landlady and the police in this situation. It really seems like it was dealt with quickly and now, the dust can settle and things will quiet down. Fingers crossed.

Hang in there mom!

Look at it this way, she's getting a good lesson in how NOT to be treated. Think about how much worse it would be if she was the one getting the lesson first hand because she'd never really been exposed to the real world.
This is also teaching her to keep her eyes open and to not stay silent when bad things are happening to those around her.

I had something similar happen my senior year... only it was a roomate who got hauled away. I was pretty freaked out at the time, but now it just makes a good story!

Oh my! My son goes off to college next year. Was not looking forward to it. REALLY not looking forward to it now! I can't imagine if I had a girl and that was happening. At least it is resolved. Thank God!

I don't know the perfect way to handle this problem. However, calling the police was the best way to handle the immediate violence. Your daughter did the right thing for the victim. It was a very brave thing and you should be proud of her. I hope the eviction order happens soon.

I lived in some very seedy accomodation in inner city Sydney for 10 years, moving there at 17. Disturbances like those you describe were unfortunately common. My mother was worried about me living by myself so I never told her about any of the goings on. Your daughter's landlady sounds great and calling the police is absolutely the right thing to do.

I think she coped fine, and she'll have learned valuable lessons - not least, what sort of man to avoid. A woman can easily be taken in by someone who isn't what he pretends to be, and then she can be too besotted or too afraid to do anything to help herself - better to learn that by observation than by experience. A girl can be too sheltered from today's world.

What you did was find her a nice apartment in a good area of town with a lovely landlady. (AND you're paying her rent? Wow.) Sounds to me like you did all the things a mother should.

What you didn't quite manage was to be omniscient. I really don't think you can be faulted for that...

I agree with Z. A girl can be too sheltered: your daughter is learning some lessons by observation that you certainly hope she never learns by experience!

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