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September 28, 2009


Oh it's a big step. My 19 year old has had my debit card for about 2 years. She overdrafted my account once when she took her friends to Applebees and decided to treat them...that happened once, and it has never happened since. Now she calls me before every purchase.

What a girl! She can shop *and* get a bargain. You've raised her right.

And then there's me, the idiot who volunteered to make her daughter's dress. The fabric cost $50 and I have to hassle of making it. And making it FIT. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

$15 for a dress?! I need to go shopping with this girl! I'd be willing to bet the shoes were much more than that.

She's BLOND!! Not stupid.

$15 on a dress?! Wow! She can borrow my debit card next time... wait, I didn't really just say that, did I? "6722, 6722, 6722...":)

Wow - She really did you proud there...

$15 on a dress is an amazing deal.

Still - No way I'm giving my kids my debit card. And Possum has the same name as Budman, so I'm thinking we may have to guard his cards VERY closely... :P

Wow, she's a good shopper. And you are a very nice mommy. (I was on my own for such purchases.)

2276!! 2276!! 2276!! Well, that's what would have happened to me!
Way to go Roo!!! And what a huge first Momma! High5!! XOXOXOXO

far braver than i think i could ever be.

$15? SCORE! I had little doubt Roo-girl would let you down.

Now clearly I need to go shopping with her to find deals like that.

A bargain shopper! That's a girl to be proud of. Now you can change your PIN so she can't slip it out of your purse - not that she would.

That IS a big step and I'm not there yet! I wouldn't be afraid that my daughter would spend too much I would be afraid she would lose the card.

First of all, Take It To The Limit is one of my favorite Eagle hits.
Second of all, I have already gone through this and I can assure you that when she is driving and having the time to do your bidding and you need her to do a grocery store trip, (with your list, of course), this whole, "give her the card" thing is going to pay off in spades! Congratulations!

been there, done that, and I'm still alive...

I started to say photograph -
but, I know you will.

Lucky you!

The shoes are so going to cost more than the dress! Way to go Roo!

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