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September 30, 2009


Wow. That life-guarding setup you describe wouldn't be legal where I live! At our local wading pool -- WADING pool -- there are four teens on duty at all times, two of whom are actually watching the water at any given time.

They have 20-minute shifts, in pairs, because the powers that be figure that's how long you can actually *attend* to swarms of wriggling children. And that's with parents (technically) required to be within arms reach of their children when in the water!

Anyway, sounds like this one is a much better job.

I agree, the pool attendant job was not what any 16 year old should be expected to do alone. It would not be legal in Nwew York.

The new job sounds so much better.

My 17 year old high school senior just got a job at her favorite clothing store. I'm proud of her, but concerned as well -- she's carrying a heavy academic program, she's involved in several clubs and community service organizations, she's doing her college applications and she'd also like ot enjoy a social life this last year of high school.

I guess we're all hoping our kids will be responsible and handle all of their commitments.

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