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September 02, 2009


My son is the exact same way! He never got homesick at any of the camps he went to over the years, even when young, and would never call us from camp unless there was a problem (which there never was). We just moved him to college in a town about an hour and a half away, and he is having the time of his life. Not texting or calling us (except once to request funds for an additional book). He replies to my texts (mostly) and answers the phone if I call (which I only do if it's something important, like to let him know the grandfather of a lifelong friend had passed away). Our empty nest is mainly empty because we really enjoyed his company, enjoyed sharing life with him, and just miss having him around to watch a movie with, to call in to see something funny on the computer, or share any other number of little day to day enjoyments with. But, my heart is full of happiness knowing that he is loving every second of college so far, that he is making new friends and immersing himself totally in the experience. Is he missing us? Not likely. But that's okay. He knows we are here, and I suspect that's enough for him, for now.

My kids are like that, too. My daughter went to Montreal and Quebec for a week when she was 14. My uncle was appalled that she never called us while she was gone. Frankly, I'd have been surprised if she did!

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