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September 14, 2009


As much as I love NFL we love college even more. We kick off the college season with a big pot of chili which ends up being a bowl of chili the first day. Nachos and another bowl of chili the second. If there is any left over it ends up being added to burritos. This is my favorite time of year.

I'm not a football fan, but I learned to love the game when Jen was a high school cheerleader. I miss that now, since she isn't cheering at college.

But how could you forget the guacamole? ;-)

Everything goes well with chili.

I can't believe you forgot the guacamole.

I have to go with Roo-girl here! Guac is a MUST HAVE!

OMG Where's the BEER? That green stuff that looks like somebody ate it already isn't anywhere near as important as the BEER!!!!!

I am with the previous comment... Where's the beer? Especially while watching Cutler play for the Packers the way he did. :) Sorry, still chuckling a little bit over that game.

Yes, I will join the club with Roo, where was the guacamole?!? Bet you don't forget it next week. :)

In my neck of the woods, football means firing up the grill for brats, burgers, and hot dogs. Beer, of course, is the main beverage. Guac is okay, but we're dealing in serious tailgate party atmosphere up her in Da Nort' Country.

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