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August 03, 2009


How has that not gone away? I know many of my friends were guilty of the Like Monster, and it's been (insert number of years that makes me crazy uncomfortable) since we were teens. It should be a major faux paus by now!

I'm mean. Whenever my children, or their friends, start using the word,"like," incorrectly, I start counting. Out loud. It makes them start to think about why I am counting and then it dawns on them what they are doing. I don't think that even they are aware of when they are doing it.

Surprisingly, they all still like me. :) Like, you know.

I tried VERY hard not to do the "like" thing, but sometimes it couldn't be helped. Plus, my mom used to have the same question as your husband.

It could be worse. I dated a guy (we called him Dude) who couldn't speak without inserting the word 'Dude' multiple times per conversation.

Given the choice, I'll take 'Like'

Wordsmiths, more than any other, feel the pinch of 'like' on the derrière of the English language. And the knee to the gonads of 'Dude'. But then, remember the days of 'far out'? Me, too. Cool.

Dont worry, they'll (mostly) outgrow it. This wasn't a fresh complaint when I was a teen in the 90's. People of my generation probably do still slip in the occasional like, but it's a bit like cursing in college, or a fleeting accent. Most kids I've spent time talkng to lately aren't nearly as bad as I was, they just sound it to my adult ears. Besides, if the language changes, it changes. English is by no means holy, and I'm sure your grandparents would shudder at today's norm. That's time.

This, like, cracks me up totally!

Went to hear poet Billy Collins read last nite, and he read a poem about this very thing. Soo funny. You should look it up.

Like, you know, I find myself occasionally doing this. And in the 70s, when I was a teen, it wasn't the fashion!! I can't remember what we said, except I know we all imitated Fonzie a lot. I still say "cool."

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