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August 24, 2009


Yeah, we do our jobs so well and then feel bad when they don't need us.

Simply a testament to how well you've done your job, Mom!!

Remember, no matter how old or how interesting her friends are, she will ALWAYS come back to you.

Enjoy this time. I would give anything to have my soldier be Roo's age again!

Much love always,


LOOK how big she is! She's so grown up and gorgeous!!!!
YAY mama! xoxo

Nobody tells you when you have children that letting them go is the hardest part.

Try to look at how successful you have been, that she was able to go out on her own. bittersweet, yes. Yet it is also a testament to what you have done well over the past 15 years. Don't worry, she'll always need her momma for something. :)

She is growing up to be just as amazing as you are. Which we all hope is a good thing.

Oh, but she is so beautiful, and with a confidence that just beams out in all directions. Good job Mom.

This just means you are doing YOUR job very well!

It will serve her well when she heads off to college. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't be mentioning that word to a fragile mama bird...

Oh, honey. It's just not going to get any easier, either, is it? You have a girl to be proud of though!

I understand. This week, a little part of me died as my first grader told me no kisses or hugs at school...any more, and my high schooler told me I could leave without a hug. :-( And a little part of me died. Poetic and yet so mournful....

I'm in deep, deep trouble.

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