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August 21, 2009


I learn so much from you mothers of teens! Mine are lurching toward tween at an alarming rate, so I'll need these strategies soon, I'm sure. Thanks!

here's one to add to your torment arsenal: tell them you need to talk to the mom before you will allow them to go to a party.

that is always good for a laugh.

I live in what seems to be an alarmingly permissive town. Nearly all the 6th graders (now 7th graders as of next week) had cell phones, a good many of which I saw with my own eyes. The boys play really, REALLY violent video games.

It's difficult to think that the resistance is only going to get harder as he gets older, especially considering that I'm going to be dealing with permissive parents. I'll certainly maintain my authority over my own kid...I can't so much do that with other kids.

Any advice?

The option is always open to have the kids hand out at your house! After my girl and her friends started driving, I missed taking her places and meeting the other parents. We started inviting the "group" to our house often.

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