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July 03, 2009


It gets a little easier each time.
So funny!

The moments of doubt we have when we think our teens have unexpectedly betrayed a trust are horrible to live through. I'm glad this one was short lived :)

(And the cottage gets my vote hands down! Looks idyllic.)

Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

Maureen - I agree. This was the first for Aisling, and it wasn't bad at all. Of course, I'm still wondering if we're all still on our best behaviour...

Ali - They are indeed. I'm so glad mine was a false alarm!

DS - Hello Mr Spambot punctuation is a useful thing you know !!

Classic! If you'd dropped a suitcase or two inyour own room, you'd have seen her!

Instead of dumping them all over the living room -- the way I hate it when the kids do it! Serves me right, huh?

I'm a mother of four, all under nine years. I had imagined (just yesterday) my kids being able to stay home alone for extended periods at 15 or 16, without a care or worry from me. Hee. I suppose I should've known that was a pipe dream. :)

That was very funny!

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