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July 31, 2009


More inspiration for my 'create an independent daughter from a spoiled 11yr old' project. Right now our laundry is in the allergy-inducing basement but this will change in exactly one month. I'm going to start preparing her for this change right now.

Think I may have to make one modification. School Uniform. Suspect it is not worth my while trying to persuade a kid to wash dry and fold school stuff - hardly a life skill anyway! But sports kit? Definitely her problem.

Thanks as always.

bwahahahahahahaha!! i often wondered about that with my boys. i didn't wash nearly enough underwear to even want to THINK about what they were doing.

your photographic evidence totally makes me laugh.

Be strong - don't cave. If it helps give a call and we can go for refreshments, where there is no risk of tripping over the young ladies ... life lessons.


You and Janet are inspirational! I do too much laundry for my kids. Today I vow to put it on their shoulders. I'll let them know they've got it easy because we have a dryer!

I've thought about having my kids do the laundry, but worry about the waste. I like to hang my laundry (cost saving and eco friendly), but since we do have a dryer I'm sure the kids would be all about using it. I've also heard a few too many stories about washing only one or two items at a time...

I have had both boys (ages 10 and 13) participate so that they theoretically know how to do laundry - and they routinely fold and put away clothes.

I have the same rules about laundry that you do. My kids do their own laundry. Eventually. My daughter has over 50 pairs of underwear. She buys underwear like other people buy milk and eggs. I honestly can't remember the last time she did a whole load of laundry but it was at least a month ago. My son, who is not the cleanest person (he's a hobo living in our home) rarely does his laundry, He'll complain every day for weeks that he's out of socks, but he will not wash his clothing. They both tend to toss an item or two into my laundry, which is done weekly by our home health aide.

We also don't have a dryer and haven't had one in 3 years. We do have those great IKEA laundry racks that hold more than one load of laundry and they go outside on sunny days, and stay right next to the radiator on the cold or rainy days. Works for us!

Wendy - Love the name of your project! I wish you all success with it. And yes, I'd be sure to leave the sports stuff to the kid.

Janet - She doesn't know I was down there. Shhhh...

Cindy - Oh, I won't cave. I'm just sort of watching this with curiosity. How long can she GO???

Daisy - Ha! You do that. "It could be worse, kids..."

Owlfan - Perhaps you could do it with them the first couple of times, and teach them how to hang it, and then, if they opt to use the dryer, they have to pay, as they would in a laundromat, and make it pricy - $5/load, or something?

Margalit - I roared with laughter about your daughter and her 50 pairs of underwear. "Like other people buy milk and eggs." HA! And you know that? The grapevine (aka Rebekah) has informed me since I wrote this post that Aisling has in fact purchased herself more underwear!

This is so funny!
I don't do my kids laundry, since they were about 13. But I love my dryer, sorry but I do.
I do admire you tho. And your kids.

Maureen - No need to apologize. I didn't say YOU couldn't have one! No need to admire, either: as I say, I actively enjoy hanging laundry. I find it peaceful.

Hey ladies, Nice entry again, always a joy! Same issues here with my 13 and 15 year old, try to add a damp labrador that sleeps with my daugther to the picture, yummy scents! I try to leave it for them too and succeed most of the time (must say my own room isn't all sparkly either). We use the dryer only when it rains outside and also my kids hang loads of laundry outside and don't mind doing that. Unless boys come over that might see what my daugther calls underwear. It's not washing/drying that's the biggest issue here...it's..oh yuk yuk - folding - ironing is on a do it yourself only basis here.

"What my daughter calls underwear". LOL My daughter wears stuff just like that!! On the upside, it sure doesn't take long to dry...

As I say, once the clean clothes have made it into a room, I call it 'done'. Sometimes it gets into closets and drawers. More often it's worn straight out of the basket! But at least it's clean!

I thought I was the only person who enjoyed hanging clothes on the line - but I'm glad I'm not alone in this! I find it peaceful and soothing.

And bravo for ignoring the laundry piles - that takes some doing!

For a moment there, I thought you took a picture of my daughters closet!

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