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July 17, 2009


I would call that good karma coming back to you!

Feeling appreciated is a wonderful feeling for a parent - I'm so glad you're experiencing it.

awesome. wanna send her over here for a bit? i think we're in need of a lesson like that.

this is awesome. You might never know exactly how much it means to open your house to someone who needs it, but trust me when I say I know. It is truly something amazing.

That's a beautiful story.

I'm doling out some karma, too, just now. While obviously this is not to get something back, I often notice that happening.

Ali - Karma. I hadn't thought of that, but I like the idea. Thanks! Feeing appreciated by your kids isn't something you can rely on, but it's very sweet when it happens.

Janet - I could... but you always run the risk of the little buggers colluding against you...

Perks - So far, it's been a positive experience, and I'm getting quite fond of this young lady. I'd love to think that her tenure with us will make a life-long difference to her, but I'm taking it day by day. So far, so good!

Mwa - Both you and Ali make the same point. I need to start looking for it, because until these comments I hadn't seen it that way at all -- but I like that way of looking at it! I hope you get your karma, too, for your actions right now.

That's some tough lessons for Rebekah to take on the chin, however gentle you were. Well done her, well done you!

How about you come to my house and teach me some things? You can call it "consulting" and you could rake in some bucks.

Love it when this happens!! I'm glad you can face all these moments with humor and an open mind.

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