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July 10, 2009


I have a feeling she'll be very judicious with her cell phone use now....


We traveled in Europe with my stepdaughter... whose mother had sent her with a cell phone. We figured her mom had talked to her about the charges, etc., seeing how she was responsible for the bills.

Yeah, partway through the trip it was shut off, due to the bill getting too large! I don't know if it had reached $700 large, but large!

She also paid a lot more attention to Europe when she was no longer texting/calling her friends while she was there. :)

Woo hoo - bet R will not be turning down many sitting opportunities in the next oh ... year!

I mean, what a shame, poor gal ... never mind, doesn't sound particularly sincere does it.

Oh, my! Did she know how much each text cost? We went over cost analysis with our daughter before she left for Italy. The big difference is this: ours is 22 and covers a lot of her own bills. She has some experience. Now, for better or worse, so does R!!

Karyn: You're right, she is. Very!

Ms. Huis: I agree with your point about how the constant contact with friends back home detracts and distracts from the experience. It was never my intention that she be doing that.

Cindy: Yes, the conflict of interest is coming through loud and clear. I hear you have a sitter for next Saturday already!

Daisy: We had spoken about it in advance, though (obviously) not in the crystal-clear detail we needed! I'm quite sure I warned her that texts could easily cost a dollar or two apiece, and I'm equally sure that bit of info just didn't register! But as you point out, it's all experience. Me, I'm thoroughly impressed with how well she accepted the bad news.

My sister will send me texts when I'm on holiday - just to be friendly. It drives me round the bend - doesn't she know how much it costs both of us?

Sometimes, one can only learn from bitter experience.

This makes me feel a lot better about the phone bill I racked up calling my BFF from Europe for an hour at a payphone on a calling card when I was 15. That call was like $90 and I thought my mom would kill me.

Also, the $115 in roaming and overages I racked up on my mom's cell phone bill while moving cross country when I was twenty-four.

In both cases, I was at least able to pay it off before the bill was actually due...

ouch!!!!! this will be a lesson learned ... the hard way!

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