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July 14, 2009


I think it's never. My son it 19 and he takes a bath every night before bed but he still smells. I have to have him in the back seat while I drive or it just makes me sick. It's not a really awful smell, just a smell. So they really don't out grow the smell..

Though he started showering in his mid-teens, my son was in his late teens before he starting doing it at the rate necessary to defeat the stench. He's twenty now, and it's been a good two or three years since he's polluted a room with BO, thank goodness!

But some men? His father used to get miffed when I wouldn't kiss him -- when I knew it had been a couple days since he'd brushed his teeth!!! (TMI, everyone?)

(And no, we're not still married. For even better reasons than the teeth, though really, did I need them? Ew.)

My son came home from Boy Scout camp like that every year. And his feet.....
He cleaned up his act when he got a serious girlfriend. Thank goodness (not for the girlfriend, for him getting clean)!

I feel spoiled; Amigo and his rigid insistence on routine showers every night. There are pluses to autism at times!

But it's camp! You're supposed to get grungy while camping! I don't think this should count against his overall cleanliness unless the one-shower-per-week habit continues on now that he's back.

Never cared for that river-rot, sweat-and-slime, had-a-great-time-because-mom-didn't-make-me-shower-daily, everyone-stinks camp smell.... :-) Even the girls....

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