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June 18, 2009


Wow. I have been thru some of this with IEP's or 504's for all of my 3 kids, and it is no picnic. You do what you need to do!
Good Luck.

Thanks. We're talking with the head admin. in special ed right now. If we get some action on his part, we might not have to file. But if we need to, we're ready.

It's like the system wants to neglect you until you shrivel up and go away, having run out of energy to fight. Good on you for not allowing them to elicit that response from you.

I am constantly impressed by your persistance and refusal to back down and go away. I'm sure you must find this terribly wearing. Good for you for doing what you need to -- even though you shouldn't need to be doing it!

I love how you kept saying "we learned" because even the experts in education are learning about kids. You are fighting the best possible fight for your son. Keep on. You know that I'm supporting your efforts and cheering you on.

More importantly, for me, I'm learning, too. From your efforts, from your son, and from all kids with IEPs.

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