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June 01, 2009


Ahhh yes, the joys of teenage boys........ they are the devil's curse ya know.

Boys can be the grossest. I love my son, so I say it with genuine affection, but it's true.
But girls have them hands down when it comes to catty, right?

Sadly even the older guys tend to give in all to often to immature tendencies. Men are actually little boys who never grew up. (Hugs)Indigo

Maureen's right: boys can be the grossest, but when it comes to the verbal slice and dice, girls put them way in the shade.

But still, as the mother of two daughters and a son, imagining your very own daughter dating one of those grossniks is a little disconcerting. The irony is that, most of the time, the girl's brother would feel the same way!

I can only hope the boys learn to muzzle their mouths when adults are around. So far, they obviously haven't.

Yup. I figured that out at 15. Cuz boys are so freaking behind girls. LOL. Mine are behind. In oh, so many ways. ;)

you should have used a stage whisper. Maybe that would have given them a clue.

LALALALALALALA - I'm not listening! - LALALALALALALALALA (find a happy place, find a happy place)

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