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June 22, 2009


That is a lovely tribute to your your husband.Embee is dad to my girls and has always been there for them. Their own father played no role in their life and has not been able to develop any relationship with them as adults. He never did understand about putting children first and self second!

Thank you for that. Step-parents are often wonderful and rarely get the kudos they deserve. Congrats on finding a gem!

You are very lucky to have found such a wonderful man/father for your children. This is a great tribute.

Wonderful tribute. So great for you - and for the kids.

I guess the third time was the charm. ;) A lovely tribute to a wonderful father and husband.

That is incredible sweet. A beautiful tribute for a very special man.

Awwwwwww!!!! What a fantastic post, and a lovely tribute to WonderHubby. He truly is wonderful!!

Third time's a charm, right? Well done, WonderHubby. And well done, you, for finding the guy.

This is a great post. I liked the part "he made his bed with linens of broken promises". I don't mean that I like that he did that but the words came out so well written by you. Happy Father's Day to Wonder Hubby. And many more!

I am so glad you have him. He sounds like a good man.

You gotta love when things manage to work themselves out in the end. The road getting there wasn't easy, but you most certainly deserved to find that pot of gold at the end of it.

I know exactly what you're talking about. I have that same dad. He adopted me when he and my mom got married and raised me from the age of 5. He IS daddy in every sense of the word to me.

He sounds golden. Happy Father's Day to him.

Totally hear you. Sooooo much I could say on this topic, but can't, here. Lovely post, just lovely. How nice to know you got it right the second time round!

yes. He's their dad.
I'm aware of several of them, too.

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