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May 04, 2009


And he will always be your baby. Handsome to boot too.

Happy Birthday to your boy! I often think about how different my life is than my mom's. I'm 36, with a 4yo and a 17 month old. When she was 36, I was 15 years old!! That's crazy to me. But I guess as you said, is as normal for now as it was for then.

I'm turning 28 on May 30th. I was just crying the other night because I have no career (was getting into early ed. when I immigrated)and no children.
So I guess I have to say thank you for reminding me that I'm judging myself by a standard that isn't necessarily the norm anymore.

And he always will be your baby. Although ... I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing ... I'm 63 and my 82 year old mother STILL treats me like I'm twelve.

Happy Birthday to him!

Just think, now days a 30 year career in the same company is almost unheard of too. A lot happens in 28 years.

Happy Birthday Drummer Man!

Happy Birthday to your baby!

Hmm. When I was 28 I was in the first of a series of jobs and still living with my mother (who was 49 then). When she was 28 she had 3 kids ages 0-6, had been widowed, and was on her second marriage. I'm 47 now with a 5- and 3-year-old - when she was 47 my brother and I had both graduated from college already and my sister was a junior. When the Queen is 28 - I'll likely be in an assisted living facility. :)

Oh, my. When my eldest turns 26 (I had just turned 26 when she arrived on the scene) I'm not sure how I'll react!

And this is the only year he'll be exactly half your age. It'll never happen again. Which has nothing to do with anything. haha.

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