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May 22, 2009


Ilona -- great article. Been there; I cried for days when my son left for the Peace Corps and, later, off to grad school. I know how you feel.

Wow, what a triumph for all involved. I ache for you and cheer for you, all at the same time. My "baby"(22) is home this weekend from his real life in D.C. and he went straight for the frig too.

That really was very sweet. Also, I have gadget envy.

Ooooh! My heart hurts for you! Yes, it's a proud day, but still. I'm already dreading the day when the Terrors move out. And since they're only 6 and 7, I've got a lot of years to work myself into a right good mood over it.

Thanks for giving me hope. Our 19-year-old shows no signs of ever leaving.

That's so wonderful. What a wonderful son you have.

Bill - Thanks for dropping by! Even when they make you proud, you miss them. (Especially when they make you proud??)

Nina - I was assuming he was heading straight for me... now I realize that may only be because I was standing in front of the fridge! My illusion, it's crushed!

Kat - A short trip of his room would probably have you green. That 'monitor' is the biggest, but certainly not the only gadet he owns.

Tammy - Don't worry. At some point in their teens, they will make damned sure you start counting the days till they're gone...

Swivels - You never know. Adam turned 20 this spring, and I hadn't any idea he was planning to move until three weeks prior!

Sylvia - I think so. Thank you!

aww, that brought tears to my eyes :)

it is bittersweet, isn't it? He looks happy!

Did you end up a weepy puddle on the floor after the missed-hug-make-up? I would have, against my better intentions! I've already told both the kids that I *will* be weepy messes on their prom/graduation/wedding/etc. days but that I will do my best to fall apart privately. And I've proactively apologized.

I'm all teary over the belated goodbye hug. It's great that he wants his independence and to show his affection for you all at the same time. Parenting job well done!

I have plans for when I'm an empty nester, yet I'm also dreading it.

Some days I remind myself that this will happen some day... other days I think it will be hard to see. Some days it's "13 whole years more?" and some days, it's "only" 13 more years.

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