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May 02, 2009


What an awful experience!! I hope these items turn up, but it's not likely. I feel for your daughter. Her trust in her friends must be just dashed.

Gross! As you know, I'm not in love with my son's school, but one thing I love is that you can put a backpack down ANYWHERE on the campus and it will be left alone. Everything he has "lost" has turned up eventually at this school.

I find that it's the rich kids who have the least respect for others' property. Kids from families without much money value their own possessions AND the possessions of others.

I'm SO SORRY!!!! It pisses me off when people are so stupidly cruel.

A few years ago, my brother's car was broken into. The punks took the stereo, on which the cd player was broken, about 30 dollars in change that my brother had on the floor of his car, and his scriptures. I think they thought it was a cd case.

Anyway, a few weeks later, he received his scriptures via UPS. The theifs ended up using the money they stole from my brother to send him his scriptures back.

Hopefully the thief in your story gets a conscience and gives the stuff back.

How do you txt on an iTouch?

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