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April 24, 2009


lol, Chloe wants to go to Florida with a friend and her family, she 'only' needs £650 for the flight money for food and doesnt need any spending money! I pointed out how much she spent a day when we went camping down the coast!

Ah, yes. The mother/daughter perspectives on what is lame are so widely different.

Thank goodness you have peers for Rebekah who can more easily redirect her!

She is going to have to much fun, once she gets there. Might I suggest grabbing a stack of post cards now to give her for the trip. Being a Smother Mother I'd address them all to myself but that would be your choice.

Jenny - They're not so good at 'thinking it through', are they?

Laura - Yes, the peer input will be much more convincing than the maternal in this situation. In fact, she's getting more excited as the days go by. Phew.

Jenn - Oh, even if she doesn't get a new laptop for the trip (and I doubt she will) my cousin does have a computer! I'm sure I'll get the occasional e-mail.

That first trip alone to another country is pretty nerve-wracking. Besides your cousin having a computer, you could remind your daughter that there are also internet cafes in Paris where for a Euro you can surf away to your heart's content. Another option is an Asus EEE PC--a tiny netbook that's pretty much only good for internet access, but it's marvelous for that. No hard drive, so it's really sturdy, weighs about 2 pounds, Costs 3-4 hundred dollars. My kids have them just for traveling so they don't have to worry about their Macs getting stolen or damaged.

Molly - Now that's interesting, and just after I spent some of this afternoon googling the Asus, didn't one of my stepkids show up with one? So now we get to try one out. 3 - 4 hundred US will be more than that Canadian. We'll definitely look into it, though. Thank you!

Lame? How can traveling in France be lame? But I'm just a mom. What do I know?
La Petite is fortunate to have email access through her iPod Touch if she can find wireless. No laptop for Italy.

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