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April 03, 2009


I'm not sure whether to laugh or hug you!! You've been through this stage before, so you'll know what to do and say -- whether she hears you or not. Good luck! I'd love to see pictures, if you can force the door open.

Oh how I wish I had more experience with this. We're just starting with the first of 4. He's 14. Most days anything I say is taken as a negative statement. It does make one weary and I've just started. Not sure how I will make it through.

Daisy - Oh, you can laugh. It's better when we laugh, right? And not to worry. I WILL get those pictures.

Heidi - In our family, the rule has always been that kids are allowed to disagree with the adults, so long as they do it respectfully. With toddlers and pre-schoolers, that meant no screaming, hitting, kicking... With teens, it means no sarcasm, no sneering, no eye-rolling. We made it quite explicit: here are the Rules for Conflict Behaviour.

I don't do it to them, they don't do it to me. Which is not to say we don't get attitude, but at least it's expressed in semi-constructive ways.

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