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April 11, 2009


This really was extraordinary. At my second seder last night we sang a 5th Questions: Why is this Night Different from All Other Nights? Because our first African-American president is leading a seder in the White House. I was also moved to learn that both Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod went home to Chicago to be with their families for Passover, and resisted the "star" power of being a seder guests at with the Obamas.

LOL, we use a supermarket Haggadah, one that was published in the 60's and has matza crumbs and wine stains almost as old as I am, but it's cool because the English version of the service takes about half an hour to read. my teens "forgot" how to read the 4 questions in Hebrew, but you should have seen them do Dayenu.

all the drama came from the Haggadah this year, and not from family dynamics, so it was a good year.

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