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April 10, 2009


He's about to get his tail kicked to the curb, I'm sure of it.

Seriously. I'm glad she had the guts to show him the point. Let's hope she know shows him the door!

She'll run out of patience with that kind of thing pretty soon, I suspect. You've raised her not to put up with attitudes like that :-).

unfortunately, his is an attitude I see in a lot of teens -- volunteer work is undertaken to get community service credit for Key Club or Honor Society, not to participate in something worthwhile.

the 30 hour fast sounds interesting, we're actually talking about doing it in our community as well.

The only good aspect of this relationship is that Rebecca will find herself siding with your values as an automatic reaction to NB's selfish values. She'll find herself defending you to him and just a little part of her will stop find her parents so totally wrong - though she probably won't let you know that!

This story has a happy ending. You're all so smart, and you're all so right! I'll tell you about it next Friday. :D

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