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April 23, 2009


Italy, yum! I was there a few years ago and just in case daughter doesn't already know this, you can't go into the big, beautiful fancy churches (Basilicas?) in pants. One of those knee-lenth crinkly, peasant skirts can be wadded up into a bag or purse and pulled on over shorts in the event she wants to do the tourist in the church thing.

I have no idea about the other countries but this one was a surprise to me and I had to buy new, expensive and unneeded skirts for me and my daughter so we could see the amazing cathedral (Basilica?) in Venice.

And shoulders. Don't women also have to have their shoulders covered in the fanciest Italian churches? I recall reading that somewhere...

I'm hoping for her sake that she reads this and treasures the nuggets of Good Advice herein!

I suppose she doesn't want to hear about the old euro-backpacker's trick of packing your rattiest underwear and discarding it as you go, leaving room for souvenirs (new Euro undies make a great souvenir!)

Katy -- I don't think she knows about skirts. A skirt was listed as "optional" on her packing list. Ilona: she does know about shoulders. She'll be prepared. Molly -- I love that idea!! Dare I suggest it?

Daughter just IMed me complaining that I made her sound stupid and flaky. She is actually very bright and quite dependable. However, she is a college senior. Need I say more?

dont you just HATE it when you start sounding like your parents?

and your face will freeze that way, too.

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