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April 12, 2009


So which schools did you see? We embark on a couple tomorrow.

I spent 4 days in Boston with my younger daughter in February, checking out schools, and she just left with her dad (my ex) to check out schools in D.C. Can I win the lottery, please? I have one in college already!

We saw Drexel, Muhlenberg and Rochester University.

Did the college application process twice and it was 2 times too many. Have 1 at Lehigh and 1 at Colby College. The 1 at Lehigh did his own 6 day/10 school tour with his high school. And I took the 1 at Colby on a 4 day NE trek after she narrowed it down to 6 schools. Considering we live on the west coast it was quite an undertaking scheduling interviews and tours and driving times. Good Luck with the process.

My son was accepted at the U. of Rochester with a $15,000 merit scholarship. He was also accepted to the Honors program at our State U with free tuition. He's leaning towards Rochester, which will cost us $140,000 over four years v. $44,000 at State U. Since he hopes to continue on to med school, we're going to have another chat about finances...

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