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March 05, 2009


Congratulations on your sons success. There's a legally blind spanish interpreter at the hospital that I work at who does a wonderful job interpreting spanish to english healthcare encounters. Hospitals must provide interpretation for those patients whose primary language is not english so there's a great need for this type of service in most states.

Amigo did well in Spanish classes while he was enrolled. He's a good listener and a quick learner. I speak Spanish, too, so we've practiced together. He may be able to build on this some day.

I think it's wonderful that you, and Amigo, are striving for success, his success. Amigo's very lucky to have you for his Mom - a real life angel. ;~)

Why is it that success is acknowledged as an essential part of a healthy adult life, yet educators fail to see its importance for children? If we don't experience success in some form, depression is almost guaranteed. I can't believe how short sighted the IEP have been in not seeing success in something other than a few select avenues as valuable!

At least you know you can take all the credit for facilitating Amigo's success. None of it appears to belong to the IEP team!

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