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March 22, 2009


Try the series, Help, My Apartment has a Kitchen and Help, My Apartment has a Dining Room for true beginners books. Also, Where's Mom now that I need her? has LOTS of tips for people just on their own, from food to stain removal.

For your teen boys, consider the Campbells book A Man, A Can, A Plan. Simple cooking, indeed.

My 13 year old son owns the first Sam Stern book, 'Cooking up a Storm' and has made several things from the book. He likes that it's a cook book by a teenage boy and that it is his cook book, not mine or his sister's. My son is a Jamie Oliver fan which also helps.

In the interests of fairness, I have to add that my 16 year old daughter has cooked more recipes from this book than my son....

Really? It might be a cultural difference.

There is not one ingredient in all of his book that i don't use in my cooking. Granted I don't have teenagers yet, but my 5 year old and 2 year old love the food! It seems pretty straigh forward to me. Children over here are first familiarised with cooking food at the age of 5 in school. My 5 year old loves spending her time in the kitchen with me, helping me, so I know this is something she would love to use to cook from when she;s older :)

I laughed and laughed when I read this blog entry! My son, now 25, learned how to cook as he was growing up. Each day, he, his female siblings & I would prepare something from our menu for the week. Each of the 4 kids took turns. We bought a great book for cooking. I told them that cooking was just like a science experiment. It put it in their 'real world' context, which was school. David still cooks today for his partner and their friends & sometimes even for our family. Hang in there! Boys are hungry critters. Necessity will prevail.

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